Welcome to Insane FX area !

Hi there !

Welcome to this little lost place where you’ll find insane fx projects ! I’m a graphic designer, a nasty guitar player and a stompboxes collecter… so when you mix it, you get Insane FX !
This is not a shop but an area when i can show my DIY projects.
I product these mythical clones for friends or people which want the sound and off course an unique design.
Each pedal is all hand wired, hand crafted.
I produce the artwork to customize the box like it should be…if you’re insane enough to like it.
The boxes are painted (or not) and i work with my mate « HP » from « les serigraphes » to stick them all.
Feel free to contact me if you want one, or if you need a custom project…
As you will see, as the legend must be respected, i don’t speak English fluently…am i French ? Yep.